Sunday, 21 March 2010

Week 24 - Feedback

Well this year has been quite challenging and I have worked through and I have seen an improvement particularly with Visual design and I have finally managed to 3d model a humanoid character which I never did before properly and the result I was fairly pleased with. For me personally I think I am hoping to move more into the 3d modelling side of the industry (Drawing will still be needed of course) but I would like to be able to 3d model more complex objects and improve all my texturing skills (which are Lacking at the moment). I have used digital painting briefly this year but would like to expand it a little since I quite enjoyed it.
So Far I am happy with what’s happening, this year has been more about learning the skills and from what I understand in the 2nd year it goes up a notch (which I wanted it to do) working with a team of people and working with initial ideas and an exploration of what I would like to do. Although the drawing side is important this year it hasn’t particularly related much to projects we are doing in 3D, eg drawing the arch and then 3D modelling the arch but I realise that in the 2nd year this would apply more as we would be doing more involved things.
The only thing that I could say or suggest that during the reviews that we have (although I realised that there were many of us particularly in the first year) perhaps there could be a system where people can allot times to come and see the tutors, each person has their own time that they could either book or be assigned. There has been a day during my last first year where I was having to wait for quite a few hours when I really wanted to continue on my visual design projects (since my 3d work was up to date) but couldn’t with the fear of my name being called out, me not being there and missing a chance to get feedback. I realise that it’s good for each person to come in and wait so work is able to be done and to know where the class is meant to be held but at times it can be wasting hours where I could have been working on my Visual design projects.
Other than that Im happy with how things are going and have found these essays interesting to dive into my thoughts and then record them.

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