Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Lost in space (1998)

I actually went to see this film when it was first released (I would have been 7 years old) and at the time I really liked it. It was on tv tonight but I missed the start of it and caught it at about the half way point, It was good and nostalgic seeing it again as I was actually a little bit fanatical about it (the character Will Robinson I looked very similar to at that age which other people also recognized) at the half way point of the film with the spiders and the fighting blue robot everything seemed to work well together. Towards the section of the film at the end (the large time bubble) I felt like everything was starting to get very rushed with the story, quickly going from 1 thing to another with not a lot of sense. I was trying to remember what happened in the film but yes a lot of what happened didn't actually make any sense and was too quick, it almost made me want to imagine that part of the film going twice as slow at least. The last 30 mins of this film was dreadful unfortunately, I didn't remember it being as bad as this when I first saw it...

Well yeah at the very end it had the remixed music which actually given me goosebumps, at the age of 7 I thought it was amazing and I remember walking out of the cinema with this theme beating in my mind, it was one of the best parts of the film this music.
Although it was nice to see it again it saddens me that in fact the film was a lot worse than i initially thought

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Week 24 - Feedback

Well this year has been quite challenging and I have worked through and I have seen an improvement particularly with Visual design and I have finally managed to 3d model a humanoid character which I never did before properly and the result I was fairly pleased with. For me personally I think I am hoping to move more into the 3d modelling side of the industry (Drawing will still be needed of course) but I would like to be able to 3d model more complex objects and improve all my texturing skills (which are Lacking at the moment). I have used digital painting briefly this year but would like to expand it a little since I quite enjoyed it.
So Far I am happy with what’s happening, this year has been more about learning the skills and from what I understand in the 2nd year it goes up a notch (which I wanted it to do) working with a team of people and working with initial ideas and an exploration of what I would like to do. Although the drawing side is important this year it hasn’t particularly related much to projects we are doing in 3D, eg drawing the arch and then 3D modelling the arch but I realise that in the 2nd year this would apply more as we would be doing more involved things.
The only thing that I could say or suggest that during the reviews that we have (although I realised that there were many of us particularly in the first year) perhaps there could be a system where people can allot times to come and see the tutors, each person has their own time that they could either book or be assigned. There has been a day during my last first year where I was having to wait for quite a few hours when I really wanted to continue on my visual design projects (since my 3d work was up to date) but couldn’t with the fear of my name being called out, me not being there and missing a chance to get feedback. I realise that it’s good for each person to come in and wait so work is able to be done and to know where the class is meant to be held but at times it can be wasting hours where I could have been working on my Visual design projects.
Other than that Im happy with how things are going and have found these essays interesting to dive into my thoughts and then record them.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Snakes... ON A PLANE

On tv there was this film on which I heard about but didnt actually see. It was.... bit silly in my oppinion (and the majority of people who seen it) Again it was a film that was done very well in terms of special effects and the animated snakes worked very well but it lacked story and logic. I dont see why snakes would randomly attack like that, bearing in mind that it was set on a plane with all the ratteling and height for an animal I think it would be quite traumatic. I would think that the snakes would attempt to stay in 1 place being in this environment and maybe cluster together until it was over. Granted reptiles would act differently to mammals in these situations but I would think that its an actual animal instinct, yes some snakes might attack on the off case but to go on a murderous onslaught seems a bit illogical to me. Anyway it did manage to suggest to you about what could happen in these circumstances and its something you would be wary of, you know the dangers and it made you "Cringe" in certain situations. Although the people were quite stupid, doing stupid things. For example throwing a snake into a microwave then swearing at it and laughing at it, just awfull. Of course Samuel finally looses it and does his signature curses towards the climax. Well yeah the majority of it was bad and didnt make sence as I understand in that situation a snake would probably hold its ground and when approached by a human or something THEN attack. Not attack randomly on a rampage tearing through the plane. Anyway the effects were good, the story was not. Thats it really.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Open Blog GDC

Looking briefly at sections in the GDC the "AI Summit" looks interesting, not that I’m that interested in programming but more dealing with robotics and its possible future. Yeah in games AI is quite important really particularly in the single player experiences, it’s hard to talk about but I have played some games where the AI is terrible, characters walking into walls, running into an enemy territory and dying stupidly. It’s important for the game experience and can quite seriously grade the game. Its an interesting technology I think and its already getting quite advanced, it would be interesting in what happens next. Even though this is made specifically for games it will also probably be made into reality with robotics as well as other things, it’s interesting to see what could happen.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


An interesting film but wasn’t as scary as I thought it would have been, the DVD menu in particular with its gruesome colour schemes really made it look like something other than the end result. It proves that in graphic design they can make 1 thing look really good where in fact the product isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, either way on with the film.
It was fairly well done and it quite well suggested horrors of war again but this time focusing more on the rotting corpse aspect which has horrors in itself, a fairly tense story with parts that have suspense but It was actually a bit disappointing in terms of horror that you usually see in films.
The effects were done quite well with the wires and things, gave the film an edge with these small, thin and pointy pieces of metal. Its hard to describe really just that it makes it seem quite squeamish in a way. The film also shows the hopelessness of being in a command, the Captain seemingly losing his mind yet the drones still have to follow, this aspect was shown pretty well. The film made you want the characters to get out of that situation, claustrophobic; stressful particularly at night but again the hopelessness with if anyone tried to escape they would be killed.
So it was entertaining to say the least but I expected something more, the last frame also seemed a little bit clich├ęd but other than that It was an alright movie.