Saturday, 5 March 2011

Task 22: Creativity, the talent myth and craft

From last years creativity task, I spoken about it being more steered towards Art and Design but even in other "unlikely" areas such as programming. People seem to see pretty pictures being more creative than lines of coded text but really its a frame of mind, perhaps the "pwetty" pictures are easier to recognise. I seen it as creating new ideas to solve problems, so in fact this term can go towards a number of things.

Asking people around, the trend of thought is that they believe
that children are born with this creativity and this drains as we get older, particulary when entering the education system.
From an early age we were forced to become more serious in our studies, less time to play around (at least not which doesnt requite an essay/report at the end of it). There seems to be a certain frame of mind of a "good" student which are drilled into everyone of us. With some it works but with the majority they simply cannot stand or handle it, fidgiting in a classroom would be classed as bad behaviour but it could simply be that the child isnt suited for the specific subject.

Being In school I didnt really have an interest in a lot of what was being taught, just kept at it knowing that would get qualifications from it to do what I really wanted. I managed to get quite good GCSE's and Primary school grades which got me into college but right now I couldnt really care less about the subjects which I did during that time, It was a struggle but eventually I got through it.
Looking back this perhaps wasnt the best way to go about it but you cant force someone to be interested in a certain area, all the acedemic subjects I can understand everyone doing them to see what future they bring but this carries on for at least 7 years before the kids really have a choice in what they want to do(but sometimes due to lack of knowing anything else they wind up doing thigns they didnt really want to do anyway). Its quite a shame but its how its been and im sure its the same even now.

It seems that this creativity is pushed aside from quite an early age but it still exists in us, knowing and understanding more can surley help. People, particulary parents, when they see a child do a drawing they immediatly look at it as being creative but usually they do this for fun rather than for a reason. Yes at that age they are carefree but lack some understandings of the environment, how could they?
I wouldnt say that Knowledge learnt in school hinders that but the way in which it is taught does.

Thats generally how I see creativity now, as being a way of solving problems - doing things for a reason.
In terms of games design this creativity is very restricted to the technology used, 3dsmax cannot do absolutly everything but often we see what It can do and work to its limitations. The games engines particulary, an artist could go to a programmer and pitch an innotive idea but wont be possible because of what the programs can do.

People believe that some children are born with talent and the only reason they are skilled in an are is because of genetics, while this can be true in some cases if people have the drive to do something even without genetic techno-babble they will develop themselves.