Thursday, 20 January 2011

Task 19: Elements of Game Technology, part two: Sound for Games

Well I know how important sound is in games, and its also an area which many people in colleges and things don't really go for. I remember my old sound design teacher at college saying that there are not too many people doing it these days and its quite in demand. I have done sound design before (and maybe for the group project also if possible)and understand the importance of it in games. It must be done precisely to fit the visual atmosphere, its basically like adding a whole other layer to game development. Games design in essence focuses on your senses obviously sight and sound are the majors, the other senses are used less frequently in games although you could argue that the vibration feature on some game pads could be classed as touch.

Some of my favourite pieces of music come from games and in modern games they are done so well, it is past the days of old generic computer based music. Many games have become very cinematic also and as the years have gone by the quality and funding for sound and music has gone up. Large orchestras are commonly used these days.
To specify the key sonic moments in my gaming history its kind of hard to say, as iv said some music from games are part of my playlists.

Iv played many Star Wars games which use the original soundtracks from the film which are used quite often but this doesn't really count. From the first game I bought and played (Crash Bandicoot) had some great songs for its genre, quite iconic pieces. Yeah to be honest most of the games iv played iv liked the music to.

AH yes, Good Times Nile Rogers. Remember from last year.
Well its not a bad song, I remember it going towards the Halo Themes and so quite influential. Liked the songs from the Halo Series, interesting in the 3rd with remixes of the first 2 games which I really liked to be honest.