Saturday, 17 April 2010

Victory Of The Daleks - Doctor Who

Well I have a very passionate blog entry today talking about the new series of Doctor Who, in-particular the 3rd episode of this new series "Victory Of The Daleks".
For many many years I have been very fanatical about the Daleks (since I was about 6 years old approximately) and was excited to learn that they were coming back early in this new series. I am sure I was not the only person who was interested about this.

Now I had a huge amount of problems with this episode, the best way for me to type them is in a list form.

First of all, as usual with these new Doctor Who series over the past 5 years the stories have travelled very quickly at an increasingly rapid level. Fitting a story/even a world into 45 minutes just does not work particularly well. In comparison to the original series where there were 20 mins per episode (and then usually 4 episodes per story) it made you want to continue watching and tune-in the week after to watch it. Obviously I wasn't actually born during the old series but even through old videos of the stories I found it very hard to stop at the end of 1 episode, wait another week, and then continue. This proves how interested people got with the TV show if they were very impatient to see and know what happens next.

The First of the new series with Christopher Eccleston starring as the doctor was alright. You quickly got used to the actual time frame and it didnt matter that much.
Then the second series (David Tennants first series) was alright.
Then the third series (David's 2nd series) things started to move faster
The fourth series things started to get quite fast also.
The fifth series (Davids last series) got even faster still
but this series... its like everything is going EXTREMELY fast which really annoyed me. This "Victory of the Daleks" episode was quite possibly the fastest episode I have ever seen with loads of things happening, usually 1 minute for 1 thing, then continuing for the duration of the 45 minutes. I hated it since you couldn't really get immersed into this world or story. After the halfway point everything started going too fast and it really ruined it. Im sure they could have spread this story out into 2 45 minute parts and it would be SO much better... Show scenes of the Daleks doing more for the actual people to maybe trick the viewer even more to think that these Daleks were of a changed heart, friendly and at the end of part 1 (if it existed) have the terrible truth that it was a big Dalek deception, and the part 2 would be the conclusion.
..........Anyway all this is problem number 1 ^

Problem number 2:
The other major problem was the economics of sound, for most of the episode I was really struggling to understand what people were saying. The music was far too loud, the speaking was far too quick... even the Daleks with their louder voices for crying out loud !
I was still struggling to hear....

Problem number 3:
There was an error in logic and common sense which was impossibly stupid. Not only did a Dalek programmed Bomb, Android... THING was able to produce the Daleks (via orders from a nearby Dalek spaceship) in the time-zone, with the limited equipment, in the heart of the war, with a German invasion progressing.
THEN sending a squad of spitfires out of the Earths atmosphere... able to breath in outer-space with a tiny spacecraft... SHOOT lazers... having communications and sensors (that expand all the way to the moon!), specialized equipment that could destroy the german invasion with the British laughing their way to victory.
The pilots would need special training which in that period wouldn't have existed, I dont care if their excuses could be that "ohhh... but you see it was a parallel Universe!" it is just frustratingly illogical. (parallel universes can possibly exist and Im not arguing about this technicality, but of the time period and setting of this episode)... its just SO frustrating and it angers me that this new hyped-up series misses very critical points of Logic.

Problem number 4:
The new Daleks that were featured... OH MY GOODNESS. they looked absolutely terrible compared to the design genius of the Daleks featured in the last series.
These new ones are;
and very CHEAP looking....

... It really angers me about the apparent "design skills" used for this next generation of Daleks..
It makes me sick to be honest...

The scene where the Daleks were planning to destruct the Android to wipe out the Earth if needed. Fair enough, would have been a good story line that would be typical of the evil of the Daleks. A programmed bomb, an Android which had a life which was another deception.. Fair enough.
Apparently the way to actually disarm the bomb is throw limericks of the "Human condition" to this android to proove that the actual droid was human after all..
The Daleks arnt as stupid as that...
Fine.. there could be some flaws in the Daleks design which the Doctor was able to figure out and save people in previous episodes (which were also a bit Extra-ordinary) but to accidently produce an android-bomb (whatever you want to call it) that could design the Daleks via orders, detonate if needed and that talking about what it is to be a human and alive, this is how you save the day and the episode! Yeah... right.

Because of all these frustratingly idiotic sections of this episode, and the fact that Daleks are featured (which I have really liked from a very early age) its made me very disappointed and angry towards this new episode and this new series, which I have lost a lot of interest in now.

Sigh.. its just terrible.