Sunday, 7 March 2010

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Looking briefly at sections in the GDC the "AI Summit" looks interesting, not that I’m that interested in programming but more dealing with robotics and its possible future. Yeah in games AI is quite important really particularly in the single player experiences, it’s hard to talk about but I have played some games where the AI is terrible, characters walking into walls, running into an enemy territory and dying stupidly. It’s important for the game experience and can quite seriously grade the game. Its an interesting technology I think and its already getting quite advanced, it would be interesting in what happens next. Even though this is made specifically for games it will also probably be made into reality with robotics as well as other things, it’s interesting to see what could happen.

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  1. I think that much of what you will see at the AI Summit will be of interest to you from a design and conceptual standpoint as well as a programming one.

    Make sure you say "hi"!

    Dave Mark
    Intrinsic Algorithm
    GDC AI Summit Advisor