Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Lost in space (1998)

I actually went to see this film when it was first released (I would have been 7 years old) and at the time I really liked it. It was on tv tonight but I missed the start of it and caught it at about the half way point, It was good and nostalgic seeing it again as I was actually a little bit fanatical about it (the character Will Robinson I looked very similar to at that age which other people also recognized) at the half way point of the film with the spiders and the fighting blue robot everything seemed to work well together. Towards the section of the film at the end (the large time bubble) I felt like everything was starting to get very rushed with the story, quickly going from 1 thing to another with not a lot of sense. I was trying to remember what happened in the film but yes a lot of what happened didn't actually make any sense and was too quick, it almost made me want to imagine that part of the film going twice as slow at least. The last 30 mins of this film was dreadful unfortunately, I didn't remember it being as bad as this when I first saw it...

Well yeah at the very end it had the remixed music which actually given me goosebumps, at the age of 7 I thought it was amazing and I remember walking out of the cinema with this theme beating in my mind, it was one of the best parts of the film this music.
Although it was nice to see it again it saddens me that in fact the film was a lot worse than i initially thought

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