Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Snakes... ON A PLANE

On tv there was this film on which I heard about but didnt actually see. It was.... bit silly in my oppinion (and the majority of people who seen it) Again it was a film that was done very well in terms of special effects and the animated snakes worked very well but it lacked story and logic. I dont see why snakes would randomly attack like that, bearing in mind that it was set on a plane with all the ratteling and height for an animal I think it would be quite traumatic. I would think that the snakes would attempt to stay in 1 place being in this environment and maybe cluster together until it was over. Granted reptiles would act differently to mammals in these situations but I would think that its an actual animal instinct, yes some snakes might attack on the off case but to go on a murderous onslaught seems a bit illogical to me. Anyway it did manage to suggest to you about what could happen in these circumstances and its something you would be wary of, you know the dangers and it made you "Cringe" in certain situations. Although the people were quite stupid, doing stupid things. For example throwing a snake into a microwave then swearing at it and laughing at it, just awfull. Of course Samuel finally looses it and does his signature curses towards the climax. Well yeah the majority of it was bad and didnt make sence as I understand in that situation a snake would probably hold its ground and when approached by a human or something THEN attack. Not attack randomly on a rampage tearing through the plane. Anyway the effects were good, the story was not. Thats it really.

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