Sunday, 6 December 2009

Abbey Pump station

Today I went to the pump stations event where they have the actual pumps steamed up as well as other gadgets from yesteryear. It was quite interesting and the thing that I liked the most was actually seeing these old pieces of technology working and moving. Seeing the pumps rotating in that room was a good feeling, the sound, the speed and the rumbelling/vibrations of these machines was a good experience. It brought so much life to it rather than being dormant and non operational as many museum pieces are. There was only 1 wheel in operation which was unfortunate, I would have liked to have seen it all going at once. Eitherway I liked this day out and it helped me artistically if I was to do another drawing of it, seeing how it all works together. It was a good sight and although I knew that it was quite a powerfull piece of machinary I was suprised at how fast It was actually moving.
It was a good experience and was also nice to see the other relics from this time period on display, in good condition and WORKING!

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