Sunday, 6 December 2009

Looks like a fish, moves like a fish, steers like a cow

The gaming platforms that I have used are the Playstation 1/2 Dual Shock controller,N64 gamepad, Gamecube Controller, Xbox, Xbox 360 and a Logitech Joystick.
I cant say which of them was the best/easiest to use, from all games that I have played the controllers seem perfectly fine in my point
of view. The one which is questionable is the Playstation controller, the original (ignoring the dual shock) looked quite awfull in my oppinion. It seemed
quite lacking a *feel* of a gamepad and was quite "weak" compaired to the Dual-shock. During the summer I dug out my old Playstation and looked and felt the old controller,
I was quite suprised by it. I hadnt actually used or touched it for quite a few years and it was actually quite a lot smaller to how I remembered it. As a Child
the controller felt fine but If I, at my age tried when the PS1 was releaased I dont think I could have used the controller too well. It actually felt a bit too small and your
hands/arms were quite compact in a *gamer* position. Also the N64 one is also questionable since in most games people dont actually hold it the "normal" way and usually
have 1 hand on the half and the other on the right of the controller, the d-Pad I never really touched. Since Gamecube however most controllers felt the same, they wernt too bad to handle,
there wasnt a problem pressing the other buttons. The Xbox Original pad seemed the best when I got one, it was bulkier and just felt
quite comfortable and the Xbox 360, although smaller still has a similar feel to the original one.
And following from that I also think the Xbox 360 looks the nicest with its "hi-tech" shape and design.

The future of interfaces is hard to say really, Im sure there is some talk about a "Matrix" system where it takes part in a persons brain. Im unsure what to think of that because that
way it can mess with the most powerfull system of a body leading to medical problems. Of course there is also the argument that this may cause problems where people choose this
virtual world rather than the real one and decide to live in it, which can be understandable at these recent times but I wouldnt like this idea that much. It would be interesting what
could be possible but there is the fear of something going wrong which botheres me a bit.
I cant say if the gamepad/joystick is actually dieing but perhaps its reached its limit, they have evolved and grown over the years but generally they are looking quite similar, its like
cars now-a-days.

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