Sunday, 29 November 2009

"Max.. Dearest Of All My Friends.."

I believe that storyline is the most important aspect of a game, something to get you interested,
keep you playing rather than just for the sake of gunning down your next opponent. I like to think of the games that I play to focus on
a story as a film/book. The main thing that you can accomplish with games is to be part of an existence that you can choose what aspects to
look for. If there is an awful story it really degrades my experiences with the games, its almost as if I need a point for playing
rather than getting excited about getting a head-shot. However how the story is told is also greatly important which is where animation, sound,
music and emotional senses come into it. As iv mentioned before about you choose how you play based on a set of rules and events so in that sense the player
makes their own judgements on a story and so play accordingly. Not all stories exist in games that we play, the typical example I can think of is for example
Wii sports games where its purely based on skill as well as Pong, Tetris and similar ones. I haven't actually played World of Warcraft or really want to but the
MMORPG that I have played is Guild wars. There is actually a story that is told with a series of cut-scenes involving the character you created but it is not
one of the most "involved" plot line. I would imagine World Of Warcraft is similar in this sense where a lot of effort is put into cut-scenes but don't have a guidance
system moving from 1 thing to another and another as a book would do. I guess its all down to what the genre of the game is, Sport/puzzle doesn't have much of a story
3rd Person shooters and 1st person have a bigger impact on telling stories and so do RPG but not so much MMORPG.
I recently did a review-presentation on Call of Duty 3 and in that the point I was trying to make about it that it was an experience, almost like a "documentary-game"
which does have a story - based on actual events.

A strong storyline in a game does make a better game but what makes it or breaks it is also dependant on the way it is told and its technology for animation, models
and sound effects.

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