Wednesday, 25 November 2009

"Enemy at the gates" Film

I thought this was quite a good film and a bit ironic since today I did my presentation on Call Of Duty 3, discussing about the time period which is where this film was also set. Followed a journey of a soldier soon to be destined as a sniper and the challenges that he and other soldiers go though. Soon it turns into a battle of the snipers, "Vasili" as well as a german general trying to find ways to take out each other. One thing that this film does well is that it clearly suggests threat, fear and the feeling of hopelessness with soldiers. There is a lot of noise which clearly emulates what would have happened during this awfull time in history.
I thought it was quite good showing the "Sasha" character killed/hanged, although it was an awfull thing it shows that war (even to the lesser involved) is full of tradgedy and lacks mercy which is a realistic scene during this period.
Was a good film I thought.

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