Sunday, 8 November 2009

German Expressionist Exhibition

In the exhibition in New Walk there were many interesting pieces using different techniques to suggest form and contrast. A lot of the ones that I seen were solid black vs whites as if just quick sketches which technically give an rough impression anyway.
There was even a piece done by Kandinski, an artist I reviewed during my Foundation Art course, again it was only black and white but I still didn't understand exactly what the impression was of originally. It was interesting though since it would draw you to it asking you the question "now.. what am I?". Kandinski's style is quite technical but also abstract and I like this combination even though the actual image doesn't immediately shout out what its a representation of. (I still don’t quite understand what it was meant to represent)
This was the only Artist that I had heard of in that exhibition but there were also some other good pieces. One of them was done using oil paint of a scene in early 1900's in a forest walk with quite a few people walking around. The way that it was painted was quite roughly done and had quite a texture of its own with the paint. It was certainly a painting that you had to step back and look at to understand the form but it was there and it was well done I thought.
Another piece that I found quite interesting was "Karl Schmidt-Rotluff, Harbour at low Tide” which was a Lithograph that has the effect of watercolor and washes. Its form was quite curvy suggesting the wateriness of the scene. It easily gives the impression of 3 ships and the actual harbor itself, as its title suggests.

All in all it was an interesting exhibition with some good pieces.

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