Sunday, 11 October 2009

Computer Games began when?

Its a fact that information on this is limited as there are no official records stating everything exactly, I would say the formation of games was during a period where other things were being invented and discovered around the same time. From even the early 1900’s it seems that more of an effort was made to create and enhance humanities technical understandings and abilities to create.
From the sources a man named Ralph Baer was apparently the man who worked and created the first computer-based game. Reading through his history he went through quite a lot during the time periods he eventually came to the point where he was part of a Television company who was asked to build the best TV. He wanted to add the concept of playing games through television which his boss refused putting his idea on hold. He did come back to this and started building videogame prototypes. The question that comes to mind is the “why?” why would someone suddenly decide to make games to be played on television? It must have been quite a daring move but that era was based around neo-technology and its advancements, just to prove that it is possible.
Baer was German and Jewish and had an interest in technology, became an engineer and as an engineer his leading code was to create, test, repair and experiment with technology.

First games are listed yet I am not entirely sure about the first official one, as “computer games” is a large matter, the first in date;
1952 A.S Douglas – version of “Tic-Tac-Toe” on a computer.
1958 William Higinbotham – “Tennis for two”
1962 Steve Russel “SpaceWar!” (I would class as the first one)
Pong came after in 1978.

These are the main ones but others have been ever advancing.

For me the first game that I actually played was Crash Bandicoot at a friend’s house (yes I didn’t even play Super Mario first!) and since then iv come to play quite a few different things, moved onto games on the PC, Gamecube, Xbox then Xbox 360. The most recent “new” one, which I have played, is Fable 2.

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