Monday, 26 October 2009

The 2000's

We are now in the 2000's and games have come along way since the very first console/game. There has been a growing market, many new consoles with more graphical and processing power allowing
more things that can be added to games and how many things it can handle. From the beginning of 2000 games have entered its "sixth" generation - each generation lasting about 5 years which makes
games at present (after 2005) the seventh Generation. During this period companies such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft spawned a new race of consoles; the PS2, Gamecube and the Xbox. I actually owned
a Gamecube and the Xbox since I was mainly interested in the Star Wars games which I seen on the Gamecube such as "The Clone Wars", "Rogue Leader", "Bounty Hunter" and "Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast".
(I also got a Zelda Game pack for the the Gamecube which contained Zelda Ocarina Of Time which I played for the first time and thought it was very well done). The Gamecube could handle quite a lot considering
that the game discs were quite small and its small stature made it unique and like the PS2 it used Memory Cards where-as the Xbox had an internal Hard Drive.
I bought the Xbox quite cheaply of Ebay in approximately 2004 which was A year before the Seventh Generation of consoles were released again mainly for the Star wars Games such as Knights Of The Old Republic, Halo and Fable.
With me nothing much changed and with Gaming I was mainly using the Xbox, Gamecube and The PC for the online game "Jedi Academy" which I still continue to play now with my Clan.
Games of this period were well done compared to the earlier consoles where It was basically "Pong" with 6 different backgrounds, the Genres were carried on from the 90's which allowed a wider range of different games and for
a Variety of ages and interests.
We are now in the Seventh Generation, close to the Eighth Generation which has spawned the Xbox 360 (which I bought), the Wii and the PS3. Main reason for the Xbox 360 was for Halo 3 but also some other Games which I had an interest in.
The Market for games is at its peak so far and there are many game companies spread throughout the world that deal with the production and programming of these newer games. There is now this pressure on game creation since a lot of people are going into it
who are learning similar skills and more and it is a very competitive area (but so are other things in this era..) but I believe that there will always me this demand for games as its attracted more people of different ages/Backgrounds into playing games
and the amount of games you see advertised on TV daily is quite incredible. The Game industry is moving with everything else in the world, forever growing and advancing and will always continue to. In the future its difficult to predict what could happen,
with technology changing and upgrading all the time we could see things like Virtual Reality, Sensors or objects to create sensations in our brains making the Game environment seem ultra realistic as though you were living what's happening and going on.
Similar to what'ss seen in the Star Trek series with the "Holodeck" feature which raises questions like peoplebecomingg so addicted to it that they choose the games over their career/families and even that is happening right now.
Its an exciting time but also there is the worry for how far the new technologies go and its consequences on us.

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