Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Task 21: An introduction to the Game Industry

Well not only with Games design but in many companies such as clothing a lot of things are often outsourced for cheaper labour costs, people just don't want to spend the money.

Just typing from what iv seen from the industry so far I would list the specialisms as; Concept Artist, 3d Character Modeller, 3d Environment Modeller, Sound Designer, Programmer, Texture Artist, Graphic Designer, UI work, Level Designer, Scripting and animation.
Just for now these are the areas im aware of.
Looking on this website what iv listed is pretty much what is listed with Skill set with the exception of Storyboarding which would make sense. Particularly with games with cinematics or scripted animation events.
The management of the project and of course the testing of the damn thing! All quite important things with quite specialised people working on them.

Even though im in the 2nd year im still quite unsure about what I would like to specialise, however its good to get a big picture of what's going on in the industry. I have had some form of experience in quite a few of these areas but being on this course I think I am more interested in the creation of the characters/environments.
These seem to be the 2 major things im interested in pursuing, for the moment Im driven more towards characters and asset creation, I seem to have gone off environments quite a lot. The problem is many people go for these roles above the rest and the competition is fierce. My skills at the moment in Character design are quite lacking, im not terribly happy with the way I go about designing them.

But yes there are other areas in game development to consider and if there is no success in the character/environment creation there may be other areas I could consider.

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